Day 2 March trip 2018

I’d love to say we got off bright and early this morning but it appears that, for now, we’re not going anywhere. Boo hoo!

On our cruise yesterday, our engine was running unexpectedly hot. The difference was small (10deg) at 1700rpms but much hotter (30deg) at 2200 rpms. Not good. In addition to that, and likely because of it, we blew the relief valve on our hot water heater. That caused us to slowly but continually drain our water tanks. Thank goodness for a well-working bulge pump. 

Major priority after this trip? Replumb the system to include a valve so we can isolate the hot water heater from the general flow of water throughout. And, as always, have a spare 75psi relief valve on hand just in case.

So, we spent the afternoon yesterday and all morning today searching for the very specific replacement valve. We enlisted the help of Dave Arnold to find this critical part as well. We asked everyone Krogenite we saw (we are at Sunset Bay aka Krogenville after all) and called everyone we knew to try and source a replacement. So far we’ve struck out but we may have come up with a reasonable workaround with a substitute valve more easily sourced. We await Dave’s arrival with this valve in hand and his help with proper installation. It’s 3:00. We’ll see....

If we can get the repair completed today we can be on our way tomorrow morning. If not, who knows right now.  It makes no sense cruising if we have no use of our water. I’ll update you when or if things change.

keep your fingers crossed, please! 

UPDATE- Dave Arnold is da man! Valve installed. 4pm. It’s looking good, folks! 

Yes, all is indeed back up and running. Yahoo! We enjoyed a lovely sunset with all our magnificent Krogen friends.  


See you in the morning 😀