Shark River to Key West

This morning we had to leave very early because we had a long day ahead. We left even before sunrise. It was dark and dreary.... This is not a black and white was just that color naturally.

A couple of hours later it brightened up and became a lovely day.

Pockets of wind came and went. We had only the company of these guys most of the time.

As we approached Key West we saw more commercial traffic and things got much more interesting. At first we thought this was a ferry but later discovered it is just a party cruising boat that goes out for a few hours a few times a day. While we stayed in Key West we saw it go out many many times.

This shrimper was on the way to bigger and better things that docking..

This is where we are headed. It is the Galeon Marina Resort which has the best view of the bay and the comings and goings of every boat in Key West. There is a tiki bar and a pool. And it is right in the middle of town so we can walk to pretty much everything.

It is here that we originally had planned to stay for a couple of days and then go off to the Dry Tortugas for a couple of days and then come back another couple of days before moving on. However, the weather did not cooperate on the Dry Tortuas plan. During thos days a cold front came blowing through bringing with it high winds and high seas - 30mph winds and 6-8 foot seas. Definitely NOT for me. We were very disappointed that we could not anchor out at the Tortugas, we had heard so many good things about the experience. But as the weather came in, it really really got ugly. In the end we were very glad we backed off the plan and just stayed in Key West. It's a great place to be "stuck" in. More on that another day....