Fort Lauderdale

On this day we had planned to travel to Fort Lauderdale but we had a choice on how to go. We could go on the "inside" Intracoastal and do 6 or 7 bridges many of which are timed (yuk) or we could go "outside" to the Atlantic and avoid all that. The weather was reasonably good, seas 2-4 feet in the morning and increasing to 6 in the afternoon. It sounded good, definitely doable. We only had 7 hours to travel, which put us in at 2pm. So, we went "outside".

Here is the Miami/Boca Raton area from our travel as we went by.

Though windy, it turned out to be a fine day until about the last hour. We toughed it through that, not really a big deal, and came in to a new marina for us- Pier 66 -which is part of the Hyatt Regency Resort Fort Lauderdale. We planned to stay here to watch the weather, wait for the wind to calm down and change direction for our crossing to the Bahamas for the next few weeks. This Marina placed us at the perfect jumping off spot as it is just off the ocean and right next to the one bridge that divides the Intracoastal waterway and the inlet.

Here, too were giant boats. REALLY giant boats. Honestly, the Largo/Miami/Lauderdale area is the land of giant boats in every direction.

This was the boat we were docked directly next to called "Milk Money". She is a 110' Westport charter yacht with guest accommodations for 8, every imaginable amenity you can think of and a crew of 5. She cruises at 21 knots and is available for charter from the base price of $45,500 per week.

Also docked at Pier 66 was "7 Seas" which is owned by Steven Spielberg. This super-mega-yacht is 280' long and 4 levels high. She boasts guest accommodations for 12 and has a crew of 26. Personally, I think each guest must have a full apartment not just a stateroom. Seriously, this yacht is ENORMOUS! In addition to the things you might expect in luxury living she has an on-deck swimming pool with a 15' glass wall that converts to a movie screen to...well, you know why ... we are talking about Steven Spielberg, another media room in case it's chilly in the pool, a full-size gym, spa, massage room, and a helipad (naturally). She cruises at 20 knots and apparently had a price tag of $200M. Here is what she looks like....

We spent a full week in Fort Lauderdale enjoying the scenery all around us but it was not the week we had hoped it would be. The weather was still very chilly and most of the time we were stuck inside. We frequently checked the weather to see if there might be a day coming up so that we could make our run over to the Bahamas. Alas, we had to face the final decision - to go or not to go...... This, my friends, is a cliffhanger. No doubt inspired by the holywood set in the neighborhood. See the next post to see what happened next....