Leaving Savannah

After a lovely holiday it was time to be on our way. We were out at 7am. It was a clear, beautiful but chilly day. The wind was nonexistent.


Along the way we spotted this bald eagle resting on a broken marker pole...

I know it's hard to see but this was the closest we could get. He/she was much clearer using binoculars. 


Our day today did not include an ocean run as it had coming this way north. Instead, the tides were heavily in our favor. We could easily time our traverse through "Hell Gate" at high tide plus a little extra water thanks to a full moon. It was easy going. Woohoo!

At the end of the day, we returned virtually to the same anchorage spot in the North River we enjoyed before. It was again a stunning sunset and a peaceful night.


Shortly after sunset as full dark was setting in, we kept hearing a dolphin swimming around us. Every so often we would hear his/her distinctive blow of air and a tiny lap of water on the hull. We had company for the night. :-)