Heading into Georgia

Our evening in Fernandina was quiet and peaceful. Only a few other boats came in. Whereas when you usually dock here you are squeezed in smack up to other boats fore and aft, that night we had lots of room in between. 

The sunset was just lovely!

Remember that "lovely" evening we had? Well..... the morning brought a whole new ballgame. Around 4am the wind started to pick up and we could feel some rocking from the waves. We knew it was going to be a new situation entirely. Though it came as no surprise. We knew it was coming. As a matter of fact, we had originally planned to anchor off Cumberland Island that night but decided a couple of days before to dock into Fernandina instead. We were glad we did. Though as it turned out we would have been fine, we had no way of knowing precisely when that cold front was going to hit. If it had come in a few hours earlier it might have been a very rough night on the hook.

This is what it looked like around 7am just as we were preparing to pull out.

Does it look warm to you? Nope. It was 42 degrees! Winter had come to Fernandina, Florida.

From our comfy warm pilothouse, we passed this commercial fishing boat just off the channel.

...and the not so "super-secret" submarine base with the machine gun weilding partol boats on full alert.... as we and about 7 sailboats in a line ambled by....

Here you can see we are back to the familiar swampy s-curves of the Georgia ICW. This section is near Cumberland Sound.

As we passed Cumberland Island we saw 2 wild horses on the beach. Cumberland Island is famous for them. They were right next to us but I am sincerely sorry to say I was unable to get a picture of them for you. The sun was putting up such a strong glare off the water that it killed all the pictures I took. We only had a moment or two to see them before we too were blinded. It was so cool. When we have been by here before we never saw them but were told they are frequently there. Now we really believe them! I promise to try again on the trip north.