off across okeechobee

Beautiful serene morning at 7:30 or so. We were helped off the dock by some of our wonderful Krogen friends. The tide was just about slack so it was easy going.

Shortly we enjoyed the company of a few skullers on the waterway. Here is one of them. Certainly a perfect morning for rowing.

And we were joined by a couple of dolphins..

Today incuded a series of locks. We were fortunate to have locked mostly alone all day. We hardly had to wait for any of them. It was very quiet on the waterway and on the radio. Where was everyone?

Here is one of the locks, as we waited to enter. We had just this small boat to lock with.

And here is the same lock as it closed behind us....

Our original plan for the day was to stop in overnight at Clewiston and Rolland Martin Marina but they were having a large bass fishing tournament and said they couldn't take us until 4.:30. no problem, right? Then they called and said 6:00.... Then they called again to say we couldn't dock until 8:00. Seriously? It's full-on dark by 6:30. 8:00 -- are they nuts? No problem, we scrapped that idea and pushed on ahead about another hour and enjoyed a perfectly lovely dockage at the Moore Haven city dock. A simple side-tie/face dock, only one other boat and lots of space. They have pilings I swear every 8 feet or so. Docking is so incredibly easy. There is no one there to assist you coming in so you are on your own. But with the easy reach of the pilings and the easy face dock and no current, no wind, skinny no wave river it's a breeze. Wonderful evening. See you later clewiston!

The next morning was pretty bleak looking. It had rained overnight and was still spitting a little at 6:30. A close look at the forecast promised a windy day but clearing up by midday and indeed that is exactly what happened. Though nasty skies greeted us at first......

By 12:30 it was partly sunny, dry and we enjoyed clear cruising. The travel in to Fort Myers was windy but enjoyable inside the pilot house. Nice and warm and protected from the occasional spray. The section of the Caloosahatchee River just before your reach Legacy Harbor in Fort Myers is very wide open, so that section was a bit wind-exposed as was docking.

But Bruce did a wonderful job bringing us in perfectly - an expert sideways parallel parking job! Bow to bow in front of a stunning 60-something foot Marlow. We had a wonderful nights rest, met another lovely krogen couple who had just contracted to build themselves a new 48AE just like ours. Luckily for them, they already live on a slightly smaller Krogen so the waiting should be much easier, maybe. Waiting is always so difficult no matter what it is. Congratulations to them!

After dinner and a little Tv, It was off to bed early for us. The next day we were to be up and out by 7:30. We were timing the tides into Naples because the bay there is very shallow and risky at low tide. It's not a very long day but we want to come in sometime around 2:00pm.

Next morning, indeed, we were off again as planned. This time we were headed down the Gulf of Mexico to Naples. Though I must tell you this... we had originally planned to stay in Fort Myers an extra day and move to Naples on Monday but the sea conditions for the Gulf Monday were 4-6' and the Sunday conditions 2-4'. We decided to adjust a little and take the better day while we could.