January 2015

We're baaaack! A lot has happened since I updated you all. We have been busy, busy, busy!

First off, I had surgery on my ailing spine last June and am enjoying a renewed almost pain-free life. I still have occasional rough days with stiffness but my healing isn't complete yet so I am told. It will take probably about a year for my nerves to finally be back to "normal". I am feeling about 95% better and am very happy with that!
We arrived in FL way back in mid-October but did not venture off anywhere on the boat because we had placed our PA home up for sale and had to remain "on call" to fly back and move at any time. We still enjoyed boat living but we stayed docked the whole time. Nothing really there to tell you about. We reassembled everything we took apart last spring, restocked food and the like. We lived, did "stuff" and fretted every week until the house sold. Thankfully it did in only a couple of months, though it felt like an eternity, and we settled on it on December 19. Oh, yes, what a wonderful time to be moving..... It was a real experience all around, trust me. We flew home dec 8, worked feverishly to pack everything up and move out dec 17th, do all my Christmas shopping, and finally enjoy the holidays with family and friends. By dec 26 we were zombies!

We flew back down to Vero Beach about 10 days ago and have been prepping for a 2 month cruise which we hope will include a number of stops on the FL gulf coast, the Dry Tortugas, Marquesas, the Keys - key west, marathon and key largo, and our first crossing to the Bahamas.

Here we are on our first day out having been greeted by our dolphin friends. Never get tired of that!

It's a beautiful day on the waterway. We are off to Stuart for catch up with some of our other Krogen friends for a few days. Apparently there are 22 Krogens at Sunset Bay Marina. We will be #23. That's a LOT of Krogens!
we will hang out there for 4 nights and then we are off to cross the Okeechobee waterway and over to the gulf coast. I'll see you then....