Back In Vero

So, here we are at pretty much the end of our cruising season. We will stay here for a few weeks to slowly close things up and get ready for the summer in the cooler north. I hope to seek the relief of chiropractic care for my ailing spinal issues until I can get a more thorough evaluation from the specialists at home. I haven't mentioned it much, it sounds so pathetic... but Bruce, too, has been struggling with a real problem with his knee. He twisted it a while back and it barks at him many times every day. We are quite the pair! The blind leading the blind.

Here our girl sits in her slip, happy and restful.

I originally thought I would wind things down here, but we have been enjoying our time in Vero in the last couple of weeks so I though I'd tell you about one of our adventures on land. 

Yesterday, we had planned to trek off to Fort Pierce on our occasional Saturday morning jaunt to the weekly farmers market. It's a terrific farmers market, so we go when we can.

But, someone told us that an "Oyster Festival" was going on in Fort Pierce today as well.  So, which to attend? no way could I walk both but....we haven't ever been to an oyster festival before so we enthusiastically decided.... Oysters you say? We're there!

It was great. It was a bright, warm breezy day. The Fort Pierce waterfront is lovely. So we sat and enjoyed that for a while.

And, of course, we ate OYSTERS! They offered them raw here.....

and grilled here....

and somewhere, I think, "flavored" (whatever that is) but we are oyster "purists" so we went the traditional raw route. BOY! Were they good! After meeting lots of nice people, wandering around booths, enjoying very entertaining people-watching, and, of course, thoroughly filling our oyster-loving selves we waddled back to the car and then to the boat and relaxed for the evening. It was a good day had by all.

I'll be back soon to chat up what we are doing to close things up for the season.

See you again soon.