Time in Miami

South Beach, Miami.... what a place. If you like, shopping, restaurants and lots of "glitz" it is definitely for you. 

Here we walked to the beach one morning. It seems south beachers are a later crowd....

But, look just to the right, and you still have the shipping channel.... active as usual.

These pics show you a little of what the "thoroughfare" of South Beach looks like. Restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels.... Along with these sights, and a few blocks over, are lots of very upscales stores and shopping of all kinds.

This is an outdoor bar that was still "going strong" around 9 something in the morning.

After walking quite a lot, I, unfortunately, had a major back episode. So, it was back to the boat for me and I was DONE for the day. The girls explored some more and, I believe, they even shopped a bit. An evening visit to some of the bars that night and they experienced South Beach at its' finest.

We stayed a couple of days and after that, were off to the next destination - Fort Lauderdale.