Key West To Marathon

We did indeed awake to calmer winds and a nice start of the day. We took off vary early because we had a long day ahead into Marathon mostly on the open water.

Bye for now, Key West. Thanks for the fun time!

 I grabbed this blurry pic as we were leaving of the tiki bar and the little beach at the marina. It was the only perspective that shows you what they were like. The marina was off to the left a bit.

Today we are to follow Hawk Channel out in the Atlantic. The seas are "supposed" to be 3-5 feet so we are feeling comfortable but are also cautious. Those estimates are not always accurate.

Here we encounter a shrimper who anchored out for the night. We saw a few more just like this off the channel early in the morning.

We motored along for about 9 hours passing key after key. There are so many it is so difficult to keep them straight. Many of them  kind of blended into the next.  They all started to look the same. But the water was just SO beautiful. The most amazing color blue.

Unfortunately, I was not feeling very well that day. Though the seas were relatively calm, I found the movement aggrivated my back problems tremendously. I took some time off from taking pictures. Let me explain.....

As I have briefly mentioned before, I have been struggling with severe sciatica and back pain for the past 6-8 months. I had been receiving treatment when up north but since we got back on to the boat in February, I have been without treatment and suffering once again. I have good days and bad days and sometimes I feel such intense oain I can barely function. Normal pain meds are useless against nerve pain. My absences from here and my delays in reporting where we are have been have suffered as well. Sorry, I am really doing the best I can. 

So anyway, the travel to Marathon was not a good day for me, that's all. But, once we got there and Bruce was washing off the salt from the boat we discovered this huge manatee friend upsidedown at the side greedily slurping the fresh water we were rinsing with. He stayed there for the longest time!

We stayed in Marathon for 2 nights. We loved it enough, we think we swore to stay longer next time we come this way. As luck would have it, we heard (thank you Betty!) that the "farmers market" was happening the next morning. So, we called a taxi, no long walks or bike rides for me, and went. It was a riot! Literally. The "farmers market" is just a truck that pulls up one day a week and offers their farm goods for sale to whomever arrives - literally on the side of the road. That day, the truck was late....... so the people waiting were very anxious and were so aggressive they didnt even let the farmers off-load their goods. They crouded around the back of the truck as you can see below. It was nuts! But.... the fruits and vegetables were cheap and phenomenal! Many items sold out in the first 1/2 hour, the rest, I am sure, were not far behind.

After all that "shopping", I definitely I needed a little down time. I relaxed and enjoyed this beautiful pool and the view for the rest of the afternoon. I think Bruce was watching a hockey game........ It was a perfect day.

This was the first pool I have seen with a "beach entry". That was definitely cool. The pool was heated and absolutely magnificent.

Tomorrow we pull out bright and early once again.....