Stuart to Fort Myers- through Lake Okeechobee

After our departure from Stuart, we soon encountered the first of many locks that connect the differing water levels before and after Lake Okeechobee. This is what some of them look like. Here we are waiting to enter the lock.

This is what one of the locks looks like when the doors close behind you.

And this is what the Port Mayaca lock, which was a "flow through" lock, looks like. On the other side is Lake Okeechobee.

The Lake on this day was perfect.

All that open water, right? But, really, this is one very shallow Lake. There are parts that are growing at the water surface and they are mere feet next to the channel. This is one lake you do NOT go outside the channel at all, at least not in a Krogen. There are sections even in the channel where a five foot draw is a real challenge. And the lake water level is very high this year, as it was last year. On a low water year, this lake is definitely a "no-go". Anyway, it looks pretty doesn't it?

We spent the night at the Roland and Mary Ann Martin Marina, in the town of Clewiston. We had been here twice before so we were really looking forward to stopping in again.  This Okeechobee gem gives the visitor a real view of what rural Florida is really like. And a real view of what rural Florida life was like 30 years ago, too.  It hasnt changed a thing! I have to admit, though... if you are a burger addict as I am, stop in and chow down on a big 'ole "Bubba Burger". Your life will never be the same.

The next morning, we were out at first light. We had a long day and a few locks ahead of us. We awoke to fog but with the narrow land bordered canal, it was easy to see our boundaries. It was also a great time to practice a little with the radar. Always a good thing to practice.

The day was very quiet with little boat traffic. Even as the weather improved, it remained so. We passed through a couple more locks without company. Locking with no other boats is SO much easier and faster. It's almost a pleasure.

This is now nice the afternoon became:

This picture gives you some idea of the rural nature of much of the last 2 days journey. This is one of the exciting views....

At the end of the day, we rested for 2 nights in Fort Myers. It's a lovely place to stop over and explore.