Fort Myers to Naples

While we were in Fort Myers a storm system came through and with it high wind. Leaving our second morning, the wind had calmed quite a bit so we were out again at first light.

Again we have wet, heavy lines but the weather is improving quickly and the wind calming even more. We are joined a couple of hours later by some friends riding our bow wake.....

As we move along the Caloosahatchee River, we enjoy a generous bump in speed from the current - all the way up to 8.5 knows. woohoo!

As we entnered the gulf, the wind picked up a bit and the seas increased to 2-4 feet. As most of it was off our starboard stern quarter, it was a very comfortable ride.

The day's passage was a mix of weather. On one side of the boat we saw this:

On the other side we saw this:

None of it was genuinely threatening. Besides, had it started to rain, that's what we have a pilothouse for.

At the end of the day, we pulled into Naples Bay and Naples Bay Resort Marina which is one of our favorite places to stay. The first couple of days, we were a little unsteady with sea legs from our journey down the gulf of mexico, but that passed quickly. We stayed here 9 days, visited with some wonderful friends from up north, enjoyed lots of terrific dinners out, and generally had a whale of a good time. The weather was picture perfect like this:

and this:

Both those pictures are of our view from the boat.

Lastly, here we are as we are docked in place. It is a very pretty resort.


By the way, you know how boating plans always have to be flexible, right? Well, as we were planning our day of departure, some "weather" started to come in. We knew it was coming, so we watched it very carefully. Bruce is definitely the weather guy in this stuff. It was a weather system that dumped inches and inches of rain out west, was blowing past all of Florida, and then turning northward for yet another snow storm there. (sorry guys!) So, with some of the relatively local buoys reporting 6-8 foot waves in the gulf and 25 knots even inland, we decided to postpone our departure for a couple of days to let things calm down. I've done 5 foot seas and that is my limit! So, here we stayed for another couple of wonderful days. Not too tough let me tell you.