We're did we go?

Hi all,
I have to apologize for dropping off the face on the earth on you. There is a really good reason, I promise. Here goes....

After Fernandina, we put "Silver Bay" in at a marina "somewhere" for the summer season. It is best not to specifically name this marina or where it is for security reasons. We sadly but carefully closed her up, shut down all her systems, set up some dehumidifiers to work on a medium dryness level, opened up the hatches in the showers so that fresh air could circulate and any incoming rainwater could drain, and hoped for the best. We also hired someone to keep a close eye on her and check in every week just to be safe. Suffice to say, "Silver Bay" is happy and well and has been enjoying the summer "resting". Bruce went down to visit with her briefly once in August to start up all her systems. He found her pristine and beautiful and every system started up without a hiccup. The person who is taking care of her is doing a magnificent job! Thank you Sherry!

Here we are in mid September and boy are we feeling the itch! We have Trawlerfest in Baltimore next week and the Krogen rendezvous at Solomons in 2 more weeks. We can hardly wait to get back to the boating life and our little girl. Today, Roberto and Maria aboard their beautiful 48' "Gratitude" cruised right in front of our beach house in Ocean City. We had such fun waving and watching them go by. They pulled way in toward shore so we could almost reach out and touch them! Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting John and Paulette aboard "Seamantha" for some yummy nibbles and then enjoyed dinner together at our favorite restaurant in Cape May "410 Bank Street". What a great September this has been!

Here is "Gratitude" earlier today....

I will report in again soon with some of the details from Trawlerfest. I am really sorry I disappointed so many of you by disappearring for so long. I got a lot of grief for it, that's for sure..... until then.... Happy Cruising!