Fort Myers

Fort Meyers was a lovely place to check out. We started walking around and checked out some of the sights like these:



But then it started to rain - and boy did it rain! The picture above was when it had calmed down enough to walk back to the marina. We knew some stormy weather was supposed to be coming through but we thought we'd have a little more warning than we had. But, that's Florida. Alas, it really poured, and we had to abandon our exploration. The wind behind the rain was chilly indeed! So, we had a quiet remainder of the afternoon catching up on this and that on the boat - like this blog for me. Maggie was very happy we came back because she gets rather scared when she is alone in thunderstorms. She stayed very close to us the rest of the day.

All was not lost, however. We ran across a lovely spot where we made a reservation for dinner for that night within easy walking distance. It was a pretty place with a lovely foodie-type menu. It was called the Twisted Vine Bistro and it was indeed a lovely place for dinner.