Clewiston to Fort Myers

Another lovely day greeted us bright and early. We left at around 7:30, right on schedule. The dock master "Little Man" expertly assisted us out by pivoting us on our bow line- it was a tricky narrow path in reverse with little room between us and the next boat  (think "Coinjock in miniature") - but with "Little Man" and Bruce mastering reverse it was a perfect exit. We planned the day to be another long one as we were going straight in to Fort Meyers.

We began back through the last lock, flowed right through, and took a sharp turn to port into the canal that leaded us onward westerly.

In a little while we passed a cute town named "Moore Haven". It was worth a picture for sure....

The canals we motored through this day were rather dull, I'm afraid. The area was mostly rural and undeveloped. This is what we saw most of the time:

Last but not least, here was one of the locks. We passed through 3 again that day. This was of the boats exiting toward us as we, and another large sportfisher, waited our turn to enter and move along.

At the end of this day we came into Fort Myers and our marina for a couple of nights. Im sorry I did not get a picture coming in. The wind was rather "up" at the time and attention needed to paid elsewhere. I'll try to get a picture before or as we leave. For now, we will be her for a couple of days and plan to explore. I'll report in soon.