Bahamas with Friends

This week we left the boat in Jensen Beach, took Maggie to her favorite kennel ("The Fur Seasons" - I kid you not!), and took a quick flight for a week in Freeport, Grand Bahama to meet up with some friends who were on their Spring Break. There we had a wonderful week enjoying the company of good  friends, the comfort of a lovely rented home, and one of the most beautiful beaches we had ever seen.

This is what our beach front area looked like. What a view, huh?

And the beautiful beach went on forever!

This portion of Freeport was approximately mid-island. It was a very rural area with very few houses in any direction. Around us, but very hidden, were only about 6 houses in all. As we walked the beach, we only saw a handful of houses past those in about 1 1/2 hours walking distance. It was really incredible. We all loved it!  We were told it was a very unpopulated part of the island and they sure did not exaggerate. Being that the four of us are definitely "quiet types", we did not miss civilization in the least. The beauty and peacefulness around us was infectious.

One day, we did drive into Freeport to check it out. The marketplace was rather busy as you see here, but much of the populated areas were still very underdeveloped and still rather damaged from recent hurricanes. There are lots of houses either half built or damaged beyond repair.

The marketplace in Freeport, where a band was playing and dancers were enjoying the day (at about noon!):

And, of course, lots of shops and restaurants:

Our house came with a bit of a wandering menagerie. We enjoyed the company of 2 visiting cats, very friendly and affectionate. And a black mid-sized dog that was shy but hung out with us most afternoons and into the evening.

On the road one day when we were exploring, we discovered this sign so Bruce had to have a special picture to show you:

One last picture of our beautiful beach and Bruce and our friends Rob and Priscilla walking on the beach right in front of our house: