Stuart to Vero Beach

Our day today began lovely again, thank goodness. Last evening was very stormy and we weren't quite sure what to expect by early morning. It was "supposed" to clear up but the timing of it was unclear. We awoke to clear skies and nice crisp clean air. Good-bye 95% humidity, we won't miss you!

We encountered plenty of bridges today..... here you can see the combo we go through in Stuart of a draw bridge, for which we must ask for an opening, and a railroad bridge, which are typically raised in the daytime. The trains we can usually hear running at night so that is when they lower those bridge spans for train travel.

Here we are coming in through channel at Loggerhead Vero Beach. It is tucked back behind and is a lovely oasis. Very calm and protected.

And here is the marina itself. See how lovely it is? We really liked this spot.

See that huge face dock right in front? That's was our spot, all to ourselves.  So easy! We spun around, docked in bow out, port-to, and were sitting pretty. It was a very peaceful evening. We would have loved to have gone into Vero Beach itself, but everything was a good enough distance away that we needed either bikes or a car. We had neither, so we cooked a nice dinner, and just stayed put. We were only here one night so that was just fine.

Tomorrow we are off again. Next stop - Cocoa Beach.