Fort Myers to Stuart

The route north from Fort Myers includes a bunch of smaller canals and stretches of open swamp land. Not much to see.

While transiting one of the skinny canals we were buzzed a couple of times by these guys in an air boat - cool! It was really challenging to catch their pic because they were really flying!


(sorry so few pics- busy doing Devon again.....)

Last but not least, in the category of "its a small small world" we ran into a friend from home whose boat was just 2 slips away at our marina in Stuart. Here we have Bruce with our friend Alan, whom he has known for years through school and who just happens to be the brother of someone else we know and love.....(Hi Beth).... what a hoot! We enjoyed a little time visiting with Alan and Robin that evening before they had to catch a flight home the next morning. They had been crusing with Robin's brother for a week.

We hung around at Sunset Bay in Stuart for 2 nights. When we are crusing continually, as we were here, we try to build in an extra nght about every 5 days to relax and catch our breath. So we busied ourselves with a little laundry and other various chores. But soon we were off again for the next stop - Vero Beach.