Daytona to St. Augustine

This day was a very interesting one. It was a lovely, clear day. The water was nice and calm and there was a light wind. After the first couple of peaceful hours, boat traffic iincreased surprisingly, considering it was a Friday.  In particular, there was a group of about 4 boats who were obviously travelling together. They even boasted when they were passing that there were 3 more behind coming "our way". They refused to throttle down upon passing and severely waked every marina for miles down the ICW. Every few minutes, you could hear the shrill radio chatter of people on shore and on boats telling them to "SLOW DOWN!". A number of harbor masters at some of the marinas made clear recognition of their boat names and promised on the radio that they would be held responsible for the damage their wakes caused. Well good for them! These guys were so obnoixious.

I didn't take a lot of pictures today but here was a group of cute little sunfishes out having fun. It was a great sailing day.