Boca Grande to Sarasota

It's another lovely clear morning. Here we are leaving Boca Grande.... The tide was almost high so we were just fine. We couldn't leave too early because we wanted the tide to rise a little. Here we are around 8:30am.

This is the beautiful day that greeted us out in Charlotte Harbor.

After our trek through Charlotte Harbor, we were back into the Gulf of Mexico and onward North to Sarasota.

The Gulf today is a beautiful clear blue green color. Much less "muddy" than the Atlantic.

Here are some of the lovely houses we saw as we came into Sarasota.

Unfortunately, as the day passed, the weather deteriorated. It became much cloudier and hazier. Weather radar showed some good-sized storms ahead of us but considerably to our north. We expected to see some rain at the end of our day which, thankfully, was still at the farthest periphery of those storms.

Here we are coming into our temporary home for the next 5 days - Longboat Key Club Marina. The boat will be here, but we will be off on the weekend staying with some friends. I'll explain that later.

Our first evening, only really a few short minutes after we arrived, we were greeted by our good friends, Bob an Judy and then Candy and Sandy. These two lovely couples we got to know over at least a decade or more through Bruce's teaching days in PA. It was so great to see them! Here they are with Bob and Judy's newet little pup - Missy. SHe is SO sweet!

(sorry for the darkness of the picture. We were having so much fun with cocktails and dinner we almost forgot to take one)

After our fun evening, Bob, Judy and Missy stayed on the boat with us overnight. The next morning, after a little indulgence in french toast, we were off to visit with them for the weekend at their place a couple of hours north and inland called The Villages, FL. The two little dogs were getting along just fine.