Naples to Boca Grande

Our week of indulgence in Naples was over and it was time to move on. On this day we left for Boca Grande which is a stop-over on our way to Sarasota. While in Sarasota, we plan to meet up with some other of our good friends. Until then, it is back to the Gulf of Mexico and northward.

We left, again, very early to accomodate the need for high tide to navigate the narrow and shallow channel into and out of Naples. We left at first light and did just fine  :-)

The sea conditions were truly optimal that day. NOAA was calling for 2-4 foot seas, but we experienced even less than that. Plus, they were following seas (coming from our stern), so it was a comfy ride all the way. Even Maggie slept through most of it. We had clear skies, it was just perfect.

Here we enjoyed the sight of the Boca Grande Lighthouse. It was so pretty and on the cutest little sandy point. See what I mean?

After a lovely day on the waterway, here we are coming into Boca Grande Marina. Right in front of us here is the start of the private nav aids leading through their complex channel. It was super skinny and very, very shallow. At one point we had less than .04'under keel. The dock master did a wonderful job of guiding us through their difficult channel. We hugged one side here and the other side there just as he recommended. And....  we got through - yeah!

Later in the afternoon a sailboat did not fare so well. They had not hugged the channel as particularly as we did and ran aground. They pulled out of the sand (at least it was only sand)  but it took a while..... They docked in right across from us and we discovered that they required another 6" minimum of draft. No wonder they ran aground!

Here they are all safe and sound.

And, last but not least, here is our lovely stern view for the evening. aaah.

Tomorrow.....the trip to Sarasota.