Fort Myers to Naples

As promised, this is what the marina at Fort Myers looked like.We were at Legacy Harbor Marina and it was quite nice and wonderfully located. Here we are leaving very early to get a jump on the tides. Our destination in Naples requires a high tide arrival so timing was essential.

The day was gray and cloudy and very, very windy. We estimated 20 knots by 7am. We expected to have storms through the day but mostly a good distance to our north. We followed the intracoastal for a while then veered off South toward Naples. No more intracoastal, we were out in the Gulf of Mexico. The seas were moderate at 3-5 feet and we took them to our starboard bow. It could have been much worse. Maggie was a little wiggy, as she always is in open water, but I sat with her and kept her calm and mostly not freaked out.

A couple of hours into our journey, the rain stopped and the skies lightened up. We were a little more than 3 miles off shore, so we indulged in a lilttle free pump out. How convenient.

At or about high tide, around 1:30 in the afternoon, we arrived in Naples. The narrow channel into the marina was indeed gnarly and shallow. But we arrived without incident and were docked at a nice comfy face dock right at the entrance to the marina. Which, as it turned out, was a nice place to watch all the boat traffic coming on through. Very entertaining.

Here we were all tucked in for about a week of leisure.....

The resort is called Naples Bay Resort and it is really lovely. It has a few restaurants, a few pools, a moderately sized marina (though mostly for smaller boats), and is very close to the historic district in Naples. It is perfectly situated to some fantastic restaurants and some high-end shopping. We particularly liked this street, which was so quaint....

While there, I discovered a beautiful art glass shop from which I treated us to a couple of beautiful glass pieces for our new decor in Ocean City. We had a couple of wonderful dinners at fabulous restaurants, Bruce got to play some golf, I got some pool time in, and we enjoyed some quality time with our friends from Ocean City. They have a new place in Naples which we had the pleasure of seeing one night. It's lovely and Denise is quite the decorator! Here they all are one night when it was my turn to cook:  (what a crew, huh?) That's left to right - Denise, Bob, Chris, Laura, and Ali. We had SO much fun with them!

Here is the closest pool which was directly across from the boat. Though, because of the fairway in the marina, we had to walk all the way around (kind of like 2 ends of a horse shoe). It was really comical. So close, but so far.....


One evening we had a quick shower and this beautiful rainbow:

(see it's actually a double rainbow)

And one evening we enjoyed a particularly colorful sunset:

Thank you Naples, we had a wonderful time here. We will be back!