Jupiter to Ft Lauderdale

Today we expected to be a very interesting day. We planned to pass under 22 (no that's not a typo) bridges today. Bruce meticulously timed them all out and hoped to make all of them without any difficulty. Just in case, we left lots of extra time in the "schedule". We had easily 3 extra hours of comfortable daylight just in case we got stuck somewhere. Alas, as it is with boating so often, not everything went exactly as planned. The second bridge opening was delayed due to construction so the next few bridges were also off timing as well. Most of the time we just rolled from one bridge right on to the next. Though, we did discover that one of the bridges was in the process of being dismantled so our final count was actually 21 instead of 22.
The day began for us bright and early at 6am. It was a beautiful morning, clear skies, very light winds. It started out cool at about 48 degrees but warmed up to a lovely 73 later on. Even with a cool breeze, we enjoyed lots of time outside on the flybridge.
This was the sunrise at 6:15:

And this was us entering Lake Worth:

We saw lots of larger boats in this part of the waterway. The landscape had definitely changed.

Palm beach is much more developed and we saw plenty of high rises.

As we moved along the waterway we passed by many areas such as Boynton Beach, Delray Beach ( where our niece used to live), Highland Beach, Boca Raton and, finally, Fort Lauderdale which will be home for us for the next 5 relaxing days.

As we pulled into our marina, Bahia Mar, we knew we had arrived in the land of the mega-yacht. Here we see GIANT mega-yachts docked everywhere around us ranging from 100-250 feet long and easily 4 levels high. Check these out:

This is our view from the stern as we are docked in at our marina. I was so excited that this cool boathouse behind us would be one of those super cool homes we have seen on the travel channel shows "extreme homes". Almost cool, it is a "Lazzara Yachts" sales office. Not as cool as an actual home, but almost.....

Sunset on our second night: