Jensen Beach / Stuart to Jupiter, FL

Today we left Four Fish Marina to head off to new adventures for a couple of days. Moving south, the day began very clear and beautiful around us and to the south but very gray with some seriously black clouds to the north. As we moved along, though, the clouds dissipated and became much less threatening. The temps were in the low 60s and it was moderately breezy.

This is us leaving Four Fish Marina in Jensen Beach.

We passed under a number of bridges today, about 5 in all. That's quite a few for such a short day. Thankfully, we required no openings. Some were nice and tall at 35 feet or more. Most were at the 24-27 feet mark which is fine for us if we lower our antennae, so we did, and all went very well. On a couple of those bridges, though, it was close indeed!

We cruised through Jupiter and enjoyed some really beautiful homes and signs of serious civilization.

Some of the boats around here are crazy big. This one was anchored just out of the channel. Wow!

The water in this area was noticeably clearer and truly beautiful. A light blue green glowed all around us. I'm not sure you will see it as we did, but, trust me, it was really, really lovely.

Some of the signs of civilization around here were really lovely homes. This one was GIANT and all ONE home.

Some signs of civilization not to pretty, though.

We passed the Jupiter lighthouse, which was just off to our starboard.

And the Jupiter inlet:

Right in front of which we had to make the most unique super-tight 90 degree turn to starboard. It was really something.

Last but not least, here we are happily secured to the face dock at Loggerhead on the far side of Jupiter. Nice view if you can get it.... We will be here for a couple of days relaxing and exploring until the next adventure on Friday.