Palm Beach to Jensen Beach

Today we trek back to our sometimes "home base" in Jensen Beach. We have some varnishing work scheduled and have to finish tweaking on a fresh water water pump that has been on order.  Alas, we don't mind. In a few days we are off to the Bahamas to meet up with some friends for a week or so. The boat will be worked on definitely every day while we are gone. Varnishing is a time consuming process.

Shortly after we arrived back "home", we were greeted by the group of manatees that live here. Here are some of them:

All around us we see Krogens and Krogenites. Just as I am writing this, one more just puled in. We are now surrounded by Sea Fox (44), The Good Life (44), Cracker Jack (44) and the always-Krogenites-at-heart Dennis and Julie now on their Ocean Alexander "Sea Fox". That makes 4 Krogens and an almost-krogen OA. Wow! I believe that qualifies and a rendezvous!