Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach

It was time to start our trek back north, so we took off for Palm Beach. We went back through 19 bridges this time. We had fewer delays and they all timed out almost perfectly according to plan. We did have to yield one of the bridges to this barge, commercial traffic always has right of way...


The town we docked in was actually called "Palm Beach Shores". It is on the atlantic/beach side of the waterway and across the waterway from what was actually "Palm Beach" and "West Palm Beach". It was a sweet little town that was lots of fun to walk around. Poor Bruce had to fly home for a couple of days to deal with some personal business, so I (Sue) and Maggie hung around and explored the surroundings.

Our Marina was almost exclusively a sportfish home base. It is very close to the inlet so it is a perfect staging ground for them. We and another yacht/trawler were the only non-sportfish boats. They were waiting for a weather wiindow to make the run to the Bahamas. We were just hanging out for a few days.

See all the sport fishers? There were 4 rows of docks and they all looked just like this one.

Our frst night brought a lovely sunset... (that high rise accross is in Palm Beach proper)

This shot is aimed more toward West Palm Beach...

One of the days that I did some exploring was a day when they were having a St. Patrick's Day parade. Here I discovered the special police mounted unit preparing for the parade. In the sunllight, these horses were absolutely stunning!

This is a lovely walking park they developed that transects some of the residential neighborhood.

The coolest part of where we were docked was that we had Peanut Island directly in front of us. And, just in the foreground of that, we had a nicely developed sand bar that was a mecca for families, partiers and lots of dogs. From what we were told, this weekend was a very quiet one as the weather was still cool and the low tide was late in the afternoon. It was SOOOOO much fun to watch.

This guy had 2 of the most precious puppy Blenheim Cavaliers (just like our Maggie). I scoped them out without shame in my binocs.