While In Fort Lauderdale

Our days in Ft. Lauderdale were most enjoyable. The weather was mostly sunny the whole time. On the weekend, we had the opprtunity to visit with our friend Steve and his son Paul who live near by. We explored all the areas of Fort Lauderdale we could walk to. What a wild and crazy placce. This being March, there were spring break-ers everywhere. We enjoyed some dinners out and were entralled by pleny of people watching.

The beach is directly parallel to the road with a sidewalk and across the road are a line up of restaurants. It was so easy for us to sit at a restaurant and snap some fascinating photos of all the sight. It was the best seat in the house....

I think this guy thought he was in malibu...he was rollerblading. Some "outfit", huh? Trust me, you do not want to see what he looked like from the front!

One day we took the dinghy for a nice long ride all around. We saw lots of mega yachts like this one just hanging out in front of someone's house.

I found myself fascinated with this house. The modern look really just fit so perfectly into the landscape and it was huge! 90% was glass. I could just imagine the views they enjoy day in and day out.