Jacksonville to St. Augustine, FL

All our chores are complete and we are stocked up for about 5 days down to the Jensen Beach/Stuart area. We are really anxious to get moving this Sunday morning. We awake to beautiful sunny skies with light winds. What a day to get back on the waterway!

Here we are leaving our Jacksonville home. Thank you Palm Cove Marina!

It is very quiet on the waterway today. We have a mixture of wild areas and populated ones to enjoy as we move along.

We even had a little friend following us for a while...

This is the lighthouse in St Augustine....

And some of the city proper.... very pretty and certainly architecturally unique even from the water:

While we were here in St Augustine for a couple of days, we had the opportunity to visit with Bruce's brother Sandy. He has very recently moved into this area for the winter months. The severe weather in Maine this season finally proved too much for him. We certainly agree with that idea! It was a very nice visit and fun to actually drive around town a bit as Sandy generously offered to drive us.  St. Augustine is a bustling, very tourist heavy town. The architecture is decidedly unique and very quaint. We are so glad to have seen it on our way passing through. We plan to come back again soon.