Back to the boat in Jacksonville - FINALLY!

Well.... it's been a wonderful holiday season. Fun with family and friends for a few months and finishing up with a home renovation which included a lot of moving out and then moving back in. Our renovation turned out to be even more spectacular than we ever imagined. Our builder and architect really are an amazing team. They gave us the home we wished for and much much more. Though we are really itching to get back to the boat we are also a bit melancholy to be leaving this amazing home.

Alas, it is boat time! Winter is upon us and it is time to flee! We awake today- Feb 9th -- to the threat of a winter storm coming in later this afternoon. Thankfully, we are booked out bright and early today and will be on the ground well before any bad weather actually arrives in the area. Good riddance! It is cold this morning to be sure, but we look forward to warm days in sunny Florida by afternoon.

We arrive in Jacksonville right on time and had a very easy flight. Maggie is with us and she slept through most of it all. You should see all the "ooh"s and "aaah"s she gets as we walk her through the airports. Once we get back to the marina we are relieved to see that  "Silver Bay" is indeed looking mighty fine. The terrific people at Palm Cove Marina took great care of her. Though in much need of some real cleaning - thank you blackbirds- we have no surprises coming "home". We will spend the next few days prepping to be on our way south to warmer climes and completing some minor chores on the boat.

Here you can see the new goodies I was lucky to receive for Christmas. Some nice new, heavy duty bumper hangers that will make my hobs ever so much easier! Thank you Mom and Chris!

And some customized bumper covers that look so nice and will significantly reduce the cleaning necessary to keep them from leaving crud all over the decks.