GA to Fernandina.....almost.

So, you know the saying "best laid plans...."? Well, oh boy, did we fall victim to that! Long story short, we got about 1/2 mile out and were experiencing nothing good. The engine was running strangely, the boat had an odd vibration. Our engine gauges were reading all wrong - at 1300 rpm we were reading an 80+% load......huh? It should have been more like 30%. Not good at all, so with the advise of the ever-wise Gregg Gandy, we turned back. We immediately had a diver in to check what was going on underneath and lo and behold.... barnacles and underbelly crud on both the hull and the propeller. No wonder she wouldn't run properly. We didn't realize that in such brackish water we should have had our hull cleaned before attempting to motor. Oh well, lesson learned. It was an easy fix, so it was worth it.

Unfortunately though, with the time it took to get everything squared away we missed our window to get to Fernandina that day. With daylight only lasting until about 5:30, there was no way we could reliably make it. So, one more night it was. Which as it turned out was the best thing because about 1:00pm our friends Cindy and Ed on "Ka-Dee-Anna" came rolling in to the marina for a couple of nights. We were so thrilled to have had to opportunity to visit with them and have dinner out together.

So.... The next morning.... Fog! Seriously? Was someone playing a joke? But, by 9am it was already lifting and so we finally took our leave with many fond farewells. This is what it looked like as we pulled out:

As we motored we passed through Jekyll Creek. It is so pretty and peaceful isn't it?

We also passed the Kings Bay Submarine Base and they had a sub right there for us to see. Cool, huh?

After a lovely day cruising, we settled in at Fernandina. This was the sunset we enjoyed: