Cocoa Beach to Vero Beach

It was a eautiful morning.... bright blue skies, calm waters, just a light breeze. What perfect conditions to have enjoyed our last day cruising for a while.

Boat traffic today was very light, for a Saturday, but it built as the day went on. The weather forecast was predicting gale force winds (over 35 knots) for offshore and inland starting Sunday night. They predicted 6 foot seas inland and 10 foot offshore - no thank you! We were happily docked in Vero in a nice protected back cove.

We were visited by a couple of friends on our path today. Actually, there were LOTS of them. Here are a pair that were practically waving at us. This stretch of the ICW is well known for their friendly dolphins. And, I do believe, they have a special affection for Krogens! They rode along with us for the longest time.

One interesting observation: this section of the ICW from just north of Cocoa Beach for a good 10 miles, we saw most sailboats actually sailing! How rare......

For those of you who might not spend much time on the ICW, seeing sailboats in full, or even partial, sail is a very infrequent sight. Much of the ICW is too narrow for real sailing. They, generally, just motor along with the rest of us. So seeing so many this way is most noticable.

At the end of a beautiful day, here we are coming in to Vero Beach. Thanks for the terrific picture Steve!


Our plan to date is to stick around in Vero for a few weeks and explore. We have only passed through here very briefly before. This time, we plan to hang out and get to know the area. Our kids are coming in to visit us for Thanksgiving. We are so thrilled. Yes, a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with all the trimmings, is planned. On this beautifully equipped boat, it's a cinch.

For those of you who have gotten mad at me before for "disappearing" without warning, here is your warning. Come mid- December, we are taking a break from cruising for a little while to go home and "do" the holiday thing with the family. We will be back not too long thereafter to resume this cruising life we have come to love so much.

Until then, I wish you all a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate it. And I wish all and any cruisers out there fair winds and calm seas.....and maybe a little extra current at your stern to get you on your way.....

I will see you in the New Year.