Titusville to Cocoa Beach

Today was a very short run, only a couple of hours. So, unlike our usual routine, the morning was very leisurely for a day on the waterway. We didn't leave until nearly 9am. The weather today called for intermittent showers. Indeed they were almost right, it began to rain in the first 10 minutes. It was dark and stormy. What a yucky start to the day.

Not only was it drizzling this morning, we had heavy rain overnight so everything was wet, including my lines. Grrrrr! The docking lines on our boat are 1" lines (very very fat) and are incredibly heavy to throw when wet. They did not even marginally dry out in time for docking later. Though we did "beat the system" regarding rain for a few minutes. It's a good story. About 20 minutes before we were expecting to dock, it started to pour, really pour. But around us the sky was brightening so we held back a little to see what the rain would do. As we slowly approached the marina, and I was preparing lines and fenders, the rain slowed and stopped. It only stopped for about 15 minutes, but it was enough to make our chore, and the dockmaster's chore much easier. Also, thankfully, we were docked on a face dock so the torture of getting wet fat lines around a piling 20 feet away was off the table. Phew! I HATE that!

Our first morning in Cocoa beach, the rain let up and it was just cloudy so we had the chance to wander around a bit. It is such a cute artsy little town. So mant cute restaurants and shops.

We enjoyed 2 wonderful dinners there. One at the Black Tulip our first night, trudging through the pouring rain, and another with some friends (John and Paulette on Seamantha) at the Cafe Margaux the second night. What a wonderful visit and dinner we had with them. Thank you Cocoa Beach, we had a lovely visit.