St. Augustine to Daytona

We began our day very early to accomodate bridge openings. It as 7:10am, the wind had completely died, thank goodness. We needed to make the memorial bridge (the third of the morning), by 7:30am, a timed opening, or we would have had to wait until (I think) 8:45. No openings are allowed during rush hour. No worries, we were right on time. See how lovely it is?

One interesting story that we learned of first thing was that a sailboat had broken from its' anchorage directly next to the Bridge of Lions. We never did find out if it had broken from its' mooring or anchor line, but adrift it was one way or another. Imagine waking up to learn that your boat was here? like this? Not a good day!

The rest of the day to Daytona, about an 8 hour day, was very pleasant and uneventful - the best kind! We did have the pleasure of meeting a few "tag-alongs" and a pair of them actually liked me enough to allow me to take their picture. the rest of them that day? too shy....

 One side note I forgot to mention on my post from St Augustine:

Some of you know I do a job at the Devon Horse SHow every year that entails food and paper procurement etc... Well, let me tell you, our suppliers are HAUNTING me! Almost everywhere we have travelled this year, I have seen US Food trucks in abundance. In St Augustine, I saw 3 of them just walking around. But..... also in St Augustine (I kid you not!), as we were waiting for the trolley a DADE PAPER truck wizzed by me. I nearly choked! I was too shocked to take a picture. I had no idea they were that big a company and I certainly didn't imagine their territory was this far south. Their main office is in Jessup, MD. Really, people ----would you leave me alone? pleeeeeze?    ;-)

Tomorrow....we move to Titusville.