Trawlerfest 2013

This year we went to Trawlerfest by car, being that the boat is far away down south. It was torture! However, we stayed at the Hyatt in the Inner Harbor and awoke to a lovely sunrise our first morning....


Trawlerfest was such fun! We took a new Steve D'Antonio class on engine "stuff. By the time we were done, our brains were full to the brim! Then we sat in on a bunch of seminars and, the most fun, we toured a bunch of show boats. All it did was just make us yearn to ger back to OUR boat. As time is moving on, we really feel like we are still learning every day. The more complex Trawlerfest classes have so much detail, you can take them a couple of times and still pick up a bunch of things you missed the time before.

The classrooms and seminars were located on the Steamship John W. Brown which they brought in for that purpose. It was an amazing ship from bygone times long ago.


On Saturday, we were hanging on the uper deck of the John W. Brown and were in perfect placement to witness the "turning of the USS Constellation" which docks in the Innter Harbor and is "turned" from port to starboard and vice versa once a year. Once the tungs had her out in the outer portion of the harbor they shot her cannons and gave her a 180 whirl. It was so cool to see!

We also had lots fun catching up with some of our Krogen friends..... both company people and boaters alike. You know who you are.....We hung around on "Krogen Dock" where all the show boats and Shannon's famous podium stood and talked up the greatness of owning a Krogen. With any hope we may have inspired some new members to 'join the family". It was a wonderful time had by all.

 That's all I have for you for now. I'll report back in with news from the Krogen Rendezvous next week.