Krogen Rendezvous 2013

The Krogen Rendezvous was an absolute mind blower. So many Krogens together was a first for us. I believe the final count was 35 boats. Randy Pinkelman had those babies tucked in so tightly you could barely fit a single fender between them. What a dockmaster! Unfortunately, we did not stick around long enough on Sunday to watch the exiting process, but it must have been a sight to behold.

The rendezvous began on for us Wednesday and ran through to Sunday morning. We enjoyed learning all kinds of things, both logistical and mechanical, at the presentations. We learned all about ipad apps and other cool computer-ish boating things. We learned a bit about through hulls and other important things under the waterline. We were updated on insurance "stuff". We were schooled a bit more on maintenance items we should be looking out for and doing regularly. We got to spend our little hearts out with Shannon at the "ship's store". We discussed the process of moving south on the ICW. We learned lots of details from those who have done the "great loop". In all, lots of very good "stuff" all around.

In addition to that, we enjoyed wonderful food and fun day and evening festivities that certain people worked so incredibly hard to put together. Our sincerest thanks go to Roberto and Maria (or should I say gratitude instead of thanks? Hahahahaha! The name of their boat is "Gratitude" - sorry I couldn't help myself with that one...) and to John and Paulette for putting together all the food. Trust me, I do a job similar to what they did ( in my land-based charity life) and it is a LOT of work! Thank you one and all! This was our first rendezvous and we loved every minute of it.

One of the things we looked forward to the most was the "Krogen Krawl" on Friday and Saturday afternoons during which we were able to tour just about all the boats in attendance. It was so awesome to see how uniquely the boats were built, hear how they evolved from one owner to the next and see how their decorations and style reflected their owners personalities. The truth of it is as timeless as Krogens are.... And what they say is definitely true...."if you've seen one Krogen, then you've seen one Krogen". Thank you everyone, that was awesome.

Most importantly, we enjoyed reconnecting with people we had gotten to know so far and we met so many wonderful new (to us) people as well. Finally, we could put some faces to the names we have come to know through Krogen Cruisers. What a truly wonderful phenomenon the Krogen family is! We are indeed blessed to be one of you.

That's all for now, folks. I'll report in when we get back to the boat at the end of the month. Of course, thanks to all the yearning we experienced between Trawlerfest and the rendezvous we are in serious "boat withdrawal". Now, we can't wait to get back to "Silver Bay". The end of the month cannot come soon enough! Until then..... we wish all our boating friends perfect weather and calm seas.... The rest of you? Buy or charter a boat and get OUT THERE!

Here is the group picture of the rendezvous.....