Day 12 - ICW from Isle of Palms, SC to Georgetown, SC

Good morning. We are up bright and early this morning after some serious sleeping. Yesterday's adventure left us physically exhausted. All that bouncing around for that many hours is tough on the muscles. But we are up and ready to move on. It is a beautiful morning. A clear sunny day with nice cool temps this morning. To get out of our marina slip Bruce had to do a full spin in some seriously small spaces and he was PERFECT! It was a lilttle before 7am, too bad no one was there to see it. It was a thing of beauty, believe me!

Our first encounter this morning was another bridge,  itwas about 28' high so all we had to do was lower our antennas and off we went. It was called the Ben Sawyer Bridge.... Cousin Rick--- if you are out there--- did you know there is a bridge named after 2 of your children? how cool is that?

It is a bridge worth noting, though. It is the first swing bridge we have seen to date. Very cool structure. We did not have the chance to see it opening but it looked cool anyway.

here we thougt you'd like to see just why they call this area the "Low Country". It sure is an accurate name.... This pretty much what we saw all day long, in every direction.

Along our way things were mostly scenic but once in a while we'd see houses like these. This is an area called "Awendaw Creek". It is really quite pretty.

Note to self: never try to swim in these parts of South Carolina. This big gator was interested in crossing the waterway. We just let hm on by......

After what was a nice short day, we put in at the Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown, SC around 3:30 in the afternoon. There we had a peaceful night meeting some very lovely people in a beautiful Fleming named " Sweet Baby Jane". Ever since then, the song "sweet baby james" has been going round and round in my head.... still is, actually. We then enjoyed a lovely dinner at a restuarant called "Rice Paddy" in the quaint town of Georgetown. It was a wonderful place for a stop-over. We hope to go back on another trip. No pictures, sorry.