Day 11 - Ocean Run into Isle of Palms, SC (near Charleston)

Today the plan is to take a long ocean run into the Charleston area, specifically, Isle of Palms, SC. On this journey we are unfortunately going to have to skip the visit in Charleston and are bypassing the busy areas coming into Isle of Palms instead. Next time around, we will spend some real time in Charleston.

We begin our day passing under the Lady's Island Bridge and waving a fond farewell to Port Royal, SC.

The day is mostly overcast and NOAA calls for NOT 2-4' seas, but 3-5' seas. We've decided to "go for it" anyway.

On our way to the inlet we pass by Parris Island...

Next we make our way through the inlet to the ocean. I have no pictures 'cause there really is nothing to see but waves, waves, and more waves. It is a very very long channel that takes us nearly 3 hours to finally make the turn towards the north. And, it is definitely a bouncy day! It seems to us that every wave is 5' , nevermind the 3-5' variation.

Here we are coming back in toward civilization via the inlet into Charleston. We pass a pilot boat towing a barge to our port. This picture is after they actually pass us. It was so long this was the only way to catch a viewable picture!

And here is the lighthouse at Charleston...

And Fort Sumpter... which is really right up front in the channel. Interesting location.....

So, I didn't yet tell you about our day in the ocean..... It was definitely a bouncy one. This time, though the seas were much bigger - they really really were 5' all over the place -- the experience was much easier because the direction was perfect - just to our starboard bow. No beam seas except for just a few minutes coming out of the inlet when we had to make the turn northward. It was a roller coaster but a much easier one. And, just in case you are wondering, I did just great this time! No queasiness at all  :-)  I used those sea-band wrist bands and I was just fine the whole time. phew! It was a very long day, though. Getting through the inlet in the morning took us much longer than expected so it was an 11 hour day by the time we settled in.

Here is our beautiful sunset view after a long day catching our breath at Toler's Cove Marina in Isle of Palms, SC. Not bad, huh?