Day 10 - return to Port Royal from 3 week "break" (ha!) at home

we're baaaaaack! And SO glad to be here. My (Sue's) work at the Devon Country Fair is over for now. No offense, but ...thank goodness! It was quite a challenging year for me. Lots of relatively unexpected changes brought mostly 12 hour days and more work at home after that. Of course, I still loved it, but I am also still wiped out! Lest, you think Bruce rested on his laurels....think again! He spent much of the time at home getting caught up on matters of many kinds that needed his attention.

So, we are especially glad to be back here in beautiful South Carolina. It is so nice and quiet! One small matter of concern did happen while we were elsewhere, though. Our beautiful boat proved to to too tempting for someone. We were broken into one night when the world was sleeping. It appears that one of our bow hatches was not quite clicked in the lock position and someone came right through the screen.  Luckily, all we lost was a laptop and a stern/backup camera. Considering what else could have gone wrong or gone missing, we consider ourselves lucky. The marina owner and staff were very helpful in getting things put back together. They had our carpets cleaned from all the black footprints and moved our boat to a spot that could be watched a little more closely. Needless to say, no more such incidents occurred. I am certain we were watched very closely indeed!

One other change this time as well....Maggie stayed home. Her health is not doing well so we decided not to put her through the stress of plane travel and potential rocking and rolling, which she really does not like. So, BJ and Amy are taking turns to care for her. I am sure she will just love spending some quality time with them. And I am also sure they will cherish this time with her. Giid luck, Maggie-moo. We miss you!

So, we flew in yesterday, to Savannah. What a lovely airport. So civilized! Then, today, I have been getting cought up on bills and Bruce has been working very hard changing the oil and transmission fluids as he is supposed to do after 100 engine hours. He has a long and well researched (but flexible) float plan all charted up. He just did a thorough check of all our systems since the boat has been idle for 3 weeks. All is looking very well!

Enough talk..... here are a couple of pictures we thought you'd like to see.

Explanation: the tidal change in this part of the waterway is 7 feet. Here is the marker on the post right by our boat so you can see just what that looks like. For those of you that are coastal boaters/ know what that kind of tidal change means..... CURRENT, CURRENT, and more CURRENT!

Low tide........

3/4 tide (give or take)

high tide..... no kidding... that's the same "8 FT" marker!

Tomorrow we are off bright and early on an ocean run to Charleston, SC.

The seas look light at 2-3' and it's supposed to be a nice partly sunny day. Please NOAA, this time DON'T LIE to us, ok?

I'll report in tomorrow...........