Day 24 & 25 - Solomons to Annapolis w/ 1 day "rest"

Sorry for the delay in this post. We have been having fun visiting with family and friends and I was having too much fun to sit down at the computer until now. But here is what has been going on.....


Today we make our way out of Solomons and into Annapolis which we are really looking forward to because there we will actually be able to see and spend some fun time with people we know and love. My sister, her family, some of Chris's co-workers, and our nephew Jamie are all planning to visit with us while we stop over in Annapolis for 2 nights. People!!!! Wowee!!!

But before I get to that this is how we started our day going out of Solomons. Remember how I said this is truly the land of marinas... here are a few more to illustrate that point. And... these are only the ones in Spring Cove, there is a lot more to Solomons, MD! It truly is a sight.

ok, ok, you get the point....

Also, as you can see, the morning is dead calm and remains so out in the bay the entire day. The journey today is a bit dull as we travel mostly out in the middle of the bay where there is very little to see. The day is very hot, very hazy and, though it starts out clear, becomes increasingly hazy and foggy as the day warms up. And, it is a scorcher! The temps rise well into the 90s with heat indexes I don't even want to guess at.

we did get to to see this tall ship anchored ....pretty cool.

(see how grey and foggy it is...)

And this appeared to be a very popular fishing spot....

We also see the cutest lighthouse. This one is called "Thomas Point".

Early on we see this weird platform which upon closer inspection seems to be one of those things where we theorize that tankers must come in and off load their oil. There are about a dozen huge storage tanks just on shore. This platform is gargantuan!

We also see the weirdest vessel we have ever seen. From a distance the shape is just perplexing. As we approach we see it is a barge carrying an enormous load of container cranes bound for the Port of Baltimore. As we are moving along, we hear chatter on the radio regarding this vessel and we see about 4 large pilot boats speeding over to the thing. We soon see smoke coming out as it starts its' engines and hear about how they plan to bring this enormouse monster under the bridge up ahead (The William Lane Memorial Bridge) and into Baltimore. We are very glad that we have already passed them and are taking a left turn into Annapolis out of their way.

At the end of the day we arrive at our destination in Annapolis, Chesapeake Harbour Marina. It is a lovely well protected marina and we are very happily set on the most exterior face dock so we can see the harbour just out the stern. We enjoy seeing all the pretty boats out for races on wednesday and thursday evenings.

Last but not least, meet the family of ducks that we have seen a few times over the last 2 days. There are 7 babies in all and they can't be more than a few days old. SO cute!