Day 23 - Deltaville, VA to Solomons Island, MD

The day starts out still gloomy and with an early shower. But moments after that the skies begin to clear and we have a new day ahead of us - and it is only 8am! The air is much warmer and the seas are nice and calm - 1-2 feet. A very good day to explore more of Chesapeake Bay.

Regular boat traffic is very light today. Of course, there is tons of room for everyone to spread out. We pass lots of those interesting lighthouse style aids to navigation - Stingray Point, Windmill Point, Smith Point... I think this one is Smith Point.

Then we see Point Lookout, a different style and quite a distance away from us.

Here you must imagine a broken line ----right in the middle ---- that is the Maryland State Line. Hello Maryland!


A lot of the real traffic we see today is way off in the distance and is decidedly "military" in nature. We must see 6 or more Navy vessels underway. Some of them are indescribably enormous. Then, on the radio we hear chatter referencing words like.... ""clearing the range"... "keeping other vessels a minimum of 2.5 miles out of the zone" ..... conferring with the coast guard on special channels... enough already, we got the message... Moving the other way, sir, yes, sir!

After that we see more "points" and we turn east into the Patuxent River which will lead us in to Solomons. We are coming in to a particular marina in Solomons because we have decided we need a little maintenance work done. Bruce has been noticing a "loosey goosey" feeling in the steering in the last 2 days. It has been determined that we likely have air in the steering fluid line. So, the fine mechanics at Spring Cove Marina in Solomons have made themselves available to us (through Kadey-Krogen) to address the problem. We will definitely feel much better once the problem is resolved. We are not especially worried, these kinds of small items are just part and parcel of breaking in a new boat.

But, holy moly! Solomons is a sea of marinas, dozens of them everywhere you look... we have never seen so many marinas in a small geographical area. Here are just a couple of them.....