Day 20 - Alligator River Marina to Coinjock, NC

The wind is still holding on very strongly, 15-25 knots sustained winds. I am not even sure what the gusts run up to... best not to guess. We decide to get up extra early to get a jump at what we hope are "less" windy conditions. It is a beautiful sunrise and the winds are indeed calmer, just not by much.

(That flat water you see is inside a sizeable breakwater protecting the marina- outide it is MUCH windier)

Today we traverse Albemarle sound. It is a short day, only 4 hours or so. In this wind, that is definitely the safe choice to make. We decided we'd rather do that than push ourselves to do a 12 hour+ day into busy Norfolf in heavy wind. We are just fine with that. The waves in Albemarle sound are just surface waves, maybe 3-4 feet, so our trip is easy and very comfortable. No big ocean swells riding us up and down. Though, man o man is it windy! More pilot house time today for sure.

As we come out of the sound into the winding paths just before Coinjock we enjoy a momentary break from the wind. It is most welcome. But as soon as we complete a few bends, it is back in our face once again. We ease in to an easy face dock at Coinjock for a nice quiet afternoon and evening. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to be back down to normal levels. Yahoo!