Day 19 - Belhaven to Alligator River/Columbia, NC

It is a lovely morning, bright and crisp. The wind is still up today so it may be a bouncy ride, we'll see. We start our journey in Pungo Sound. It is wide and easy to navigate so we use the auto pilot most of the time.

We then come upon the canal that connects the Pungo River and the Alligator River. It is narrow and super straight.

It is a sleepy place with not a whole lot to see but swamps, swamps and more swamps.

We see lots of these kinds of stumps all over the place.  They are a clear reminder to stay in the middle of the channel.

Here we pass the marker we have been looking for.... the 100 mile marker counting down the distance to Norfolk, where the ICW terminates.


After an enjoyable but windy day we came in to the Alligator River Marina for the night. We were very relieved to have made it past the Alligator River Bridge just moments ago because that bridge closes frequently due to high winds or "failure to operate". It was critical that we got under that one, otherwise we would have been stuck and would have been forced to find an anchorage in less than favorable conditions. It was a good day after all. Here we are all safe and sound.