Day 17 & 18 - day of rest and Beaufort, NC to Belhaven, NC

Today is a day of rest, kind of. We have had a wonderful time visiting with Catherine, Chris and Eric. We have reprovisioned, completed some light maintenance jobs and are recharged and ready to head out again. We had a fabulous dinner out last night in Beaufort and walked around the town a bit. What a sweet little town it is! While walking the Beaufort City Docks we bumped into a couple of other boat owners whom we were very glad to see again. Thank you Catherine for your limousine services!

The new day has brought with it changing weather. An incoming high pressure system has transformed North Carolina into a very windy and chilly place. There is a small craft advisory for today. No worries, we'll be just fine.... though we expect to spend most of the day inside the pilothouse.

Leaving Beaufort, we encounter wide channels and easy navigation. Though the wind appears to flatten out in this picture, in real space, it is really strong.

In Adams creek we follow a bit of an obstacle course dodging around lots of shrimp boats in every direction. Here are 2 of the 7 we passed closely by.

Today my phone/camera finally, finally was able to catch a couple of dolphin riding our wake. They escorted us as we entered the Neuse River for quite a distance. Maybe that is why I was finally able to get their picture. They are very shy around iphones, let me tell you.


This is a place called Oriental, NC which we are told is a wonderful place to stop-over. Unfortunately, we have no time this trip to do so. Instead, we took this picture and waved as we motored by.

At the end of the day, we came into Belhaven Marina in Belhaven, NC. The marine was tiny but very hospitable. they had a couple of very cute little dogs - one named Belhaven and one named Marina-awwww. I sort of forgot to take a picture.....sorry. I did catch this beautiful sunset. Good night.

I'm off to make up some yummy ribs for dinner on the grill - delish!