Day 16 - Anchorage at Camp Lejune to Beaufort, NC

Well friends.... an overnight at Camp Lejune is always an adventure. The anchorage was just perfect. The anchor held wonderfully well in rather a bit of wind all night. We did not move an inch! However..... the company surrounding us from above was less than quiet. Remember those tranquil ospreys in their nests we saw the other day? Well, these ospreys are of a completely different breed and they definitely do not "rest" in nests. These babies buzzed around us for a good portion of the evening and into the night a bit. They certainly are an impressive aircraft.

We motored quite a while this morning seeing not a whole heck of a lot. The compound at Camp Lejune is large and sprawling. We can't help but wonder what might be going on back "there". The camp does exude an air of mystery.

Then again when we saw this sign we decided an air of mystery might be a good thing.....

(FYI - the lights were not flashing - thank goodness)

Early on in the day we had one bridge opening. This one is only 10 feet high so the judgement to call for an opening was a no-brainer. After lowering antennae, we need at least 23' of clearance. This is a swing bridge, but a very differently scructured one than we've been before.

Here we have a trailer park with a marina. What a cool combination. I don't think I have ever seen an RV trailering a boat..... but it is right on the watererway in a lovely area

The rest of the day we travel through Bogue Sound which, though shallow, is a wide open expanse of water. The channel through which we must travel is narrow though so the shore is really out there on the opposite side.

Approaching Morehead City, we pass by NC State University's "Center for Marine Sciences and Technology". It is quite an impressive building. Bruce's cousin Catherine says they do some very impressive research there (among other things).

Again, as we approach Morehead City, we see a more industrial area. Here are some tugs at the ready for "Fort Meade".

As we settle in to our destination for the day, I snap this picture once we are docked at "Town Creek Marina". Here we will stay for 1 1/2 days to catch our breath and visit with Bruce's cousin Catherine and her husband Chris. We have never seen their new (and beloved) waterfront home so we are really looking forward to it. They have also generously offered us the loan of a car for reprovisioning and such. That is definitely a good thing because there really is not much left to nibble on around here. Thank you Catherine and Chris!

One last thing I just MUST show you. The slip we came into at "Town Creek" is of modest width - 18'. Our boat is 17'6" at its' widest point. All of the slips we have gone into before have been (outside) face docks or 20' wide. This one took Bruce 2 tries but he NAILED IT! Seriously, these are the port and starboard views at this very moment. That bumper squeezed in the starboard side is definitely not moving an inch. I do not know how he did it. But he certainly did. Now getting out on Thursday......that could be another 'adventure"....

(seriously, these pics are the real deal!)