Day 15 - Southport, NC to an achorage at Camp Lejune/New River Inlet

So many beaurtiful sunrises..... this one I captured a little late. I'm moving a little slowly this morning. My back is really stiff. It's 6:15 in the morning. The weather today appears to be changing as the day progresses. We expect to run into some scattered showers and thunderstorms along the way. We'll see, it does not seem to be of major concern.

 We start the day in the Southport shipping lanes. It is still nice and quiet but we are shortly joined by this big guy trailing behind us and gaining quickly. Boys and girls, if you play in the sandbox with the "big guys" you never can tell how BIG those "big guys" are going to get! Fortunately, the radio engineer on this one was proactively communicative by radio and we coordinated her easy pass to port into the shipping docks as we went on our way beyond. Happy docking Hans Boye.

It is Monday morning and we generally find very little boat traffic. It is overcast and gray but the storms seem way off in the distance.

Here we discover a little comedy in the day. This is a firmly rooted (plastic) palm tree and a parking meter just in case one needs one in such a place....

Today we spent time doing a little waiting and jockeying around bridges with other boats. We had 3 bridges to pass under today that all had timed openings - either on the hour or half-hour. And they were all of uneven distances from one another. You know... it's like those traffic lights that are just not timed well for you. It's like that only 50 times worse. The last bridge had 5 of us circling in place for the better oart oif 15 minutes. That was "interesting".

A bit later on, we see something roaring toward us off in the distance. Hello.... the marines have arrived! We were buzzed by 2 teams of 3 boats roaring past us. OOHRAH!

Remember those large homes I have been showing you? Well, once in a while we see more modest accomodations like these that come right up to the waterway... anyone see a tornado nearby?

And this house really rates.... you certainly CANNOT miss it. In sunlight the shocking pink is absolutely blinding! You can see it for miles back. It sits at the very end of a super skinny point. The access is not even a real road. See that wooden "path" to the right side? We see cars at the house, so we assume that that path is wide enough to just accomodate a car. What are they, nuts? Even the smallest storm must put that path under plenty of water. I wonder if they have seen the movie "Deliverance"?

Lastly for today, we have pulled into a small little hidden anchorage that came highly recommended by quite a few people. It is a popular little spot just beyond the New River Inlet and just off the property at Camp Lejune. As a matter of fact, as we pulled in there was one police boat in the anchorage and another police cruiser that just pulled out to the end of the parking lot to watch us pull in. No worries, they seemed to approve as they moseyed on their way in just a few minutes. No more than an hour  later, we were joined in the anchorage by 4 sailboats looking for a safe harbour for the night. All of whom we have seen at other points along our journey. 2 of them were of the group of five waiting for the bridge opening earlier in the day. So... to Discovery, Mojito, Lux and Lastdance... Sleep well one and all. This is "Silver Bay" back to channel 16 and out.