Day 14 - Myrtle Beach to Southport, NC

Alas, yet another beautiful day has greeted us. We are up and out early - 6:30 or so. The morning is such a tranquil time we love to start the day this way.

The first thing we see this morning is a comical one. Ahead of us we see what looks like a chair lift crossing the waterway...huh???? There is definitely NO snow in North Carolina! Lo, and behold! that is exactly what they are. As we approach, we see someone has a chair lift that transports golfers from the highway side over the waterway to the golf course on the other side. cool! I couldn't get a picture of it running, though, sorry.  I guess it's too early for North Carolina golfers.The only time we saw a chair running was just once a bit earlier from too great a distance to take a picture. This is the best I got...

We have ahead of us some warnings from all the guide books we have read and from the marina staff and other boaters as well. We are approaching the "tough" part of what is called "the rock pile". It is a particularly narrow section the has only a small central path of decent depth. The sides of the waterway here are especally rocky and considered something to be extremely careful about. The other "interesting" part, we are told, is that one can sometimes encounter barges that you must share the waterway with. It is NOT that wide!

We've been tols that many a boater has moved over to accomodate a barge and found themselves run aground on the rocks. Rocks, rememeber are not forgiving. Even if you wait out a rise in tide you may not be able to get off those rocks with out significant damage. We are glad we have left as early in the day as we have because, we discover, that a barge and it's coast guard pilot boat are still enoying their coffee this morning. We have beat them to ther day! Here is one at a marina dock just starting to stir as we pass by..... phew!

The rest of our journey through "the rock pile" is thankfully un-challenged by other boaters and uneventful. But.... we do see some really scary sights to learn from. Like these rocket scientists.... what were THEY thinking?????

This is what the sides of the rock pile look like. And look how close we are! that, my friends, is not mud...... ANd we see it on both sides as close as this picture.


 A little further along we see how some North Carolinians spend their leisure hours....

This one is called the "Aquasino". Someone spend hours thinking that one up!

Another interesting sight in this part of the waterway are areas where the waterway very very closely parallels the ocean. There is only the width of one row of houses between one side and the other.

Here is where we can see right over the inlet to the open water.

Tonight we will spend the evening at a small marina called "Deep Point Marina". We have had a lovely day but are looking forward to a nice quiet evening making some dinner and relaxing. The marina has a nice little pool, so I spent a little time cooling off. I'll report some more tomorrow............