Day 5 ICW - Fernandina to Brunswick, GA

We awoke to another beautiful day and decided to get on our way. Bruce executed a perfect exit pulling out sideways in a moderate current. It was a thing of beauty.

We approached the beginning of Georgia in only a short while to discover that this part of Georgia is flat and kind of dull (sorry Georgia). Though it is beautiful and unspoiled in this section.

A couple of hours pass peacefully... then the flies hit us. I thought they had peaches in Georgia. Nope, they have flies!They were everywhere and biting! So, we moved down into the pilothouse where we were nice and protected. Just when we thought we would be seeing nice, unspoiled areas for the day --- egads! People! Where did they come from?

These swimmers and kayakers were at a place called "Jekyll Point".

And they even had a water park in Jekyll Point.

Today we took on 2 bridges...sooooo easy. They are both nice and high and wide, no effort required.

First this one:

Then this one. Cool huh?


Just after the bridge above we made a couple of turns into quite the industrial area which led us to the entrance to the marina where we will stay for the night. Once we saw that huge ship off in the distance we knew we had no worries on depth! And we were right. The entire area into the marina was nice deep water.

 Here we are after a nice short day settled in for the night at Brunswick Landing Marina.