Day 4 - our first Ocean run from Comachee Cove to Fernandina, FL

Today's the day..... we take on our first ocean run (gulp!). It should be a relatively long day - 8 hours or so - but a good time to experience what the ocean is like for the first time. The seas are calm, the weather clear in our direction (not to the south) and so we are going for it.

To start the day, we really rode the rollercoaster passing through the St. Augustine inlet. Wow! that is some inlet! We were seriously rocking and rolling. Poor Maggie really didn't know what was what. I had to hold her nice and tight inside to calm her. Naturally, the boat did fine..... we knew she would.

Out here there is not that much to see. We can see land off to our port so that is a comfort. We are only a couple of miles out. There are lots of commerical fishing boats and even a couple of "warships" out here. We knew they were warships because they identified themselves as such to one another over the radio. That was a little indimidating.

As we were approaching the inlet at St Johns River we see these vessels awaiting escort in through the inlet:

and this enormous container ship which is anchored:

You'll have to forgive me today. It was about at this point that I stopped taking pictures. The day finally got to me, I was feeling a little queasy. Rookie mistake: don't try to read/watch an ipad when on an ocean run. Bad idea. Lest you think I am a total wimp, it was not a perfect day after all. Though the winds were light, they were easterly and since we were going north resulted in beam seas the whole way. After a little time snuggled up with Maggie with my eyes closed I rallied. It looks like I am going to have to get some of those wrist bands for the next time I meet up with beam seas. It wasn't so bad, I just shouldn't have been reading (i hope). Though I must tell you, at the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted! I felt as if my body had been through quite the workout.

Bruce brought the boat into Fernandina Harbour Marina in great style.  He slid right in sideways on a face dock between an enormous 70' Nordhaven (3 levels high) and another 48' Krogen "Muddy Waters" whom we had the pleasure of motoring with a couple of days before. We're in for the night....whew!