Day 3 along the ICW - New Smyrna Beach to Comachee Cove, FL

another terrible morning....with a crappy sunrise.....


we were having a lovely day with beautiful unspoiled views lke this:

then in the distance we see Daytona - yuk! Sorry, Daytona, you're spoiling our view.

ahhhh, that's better. more dolphin friends again.... they are so hard to catchi n my iphone's camera.

Too fast!

 and more pretty houses to see....

some of the sections today were straight and narrow....

then in the aternoon something really cool began to take shape.

Some storms started brewing to our west so on the port side of the boat we saw this:

and on the starboard side of the boat we saw this:

we had a few minutes of sprinkles but nothing of concern. Most of the day we seemed to be out running the storms. It was really cool to be split in the middle like that. You'd think the pictures are from two distinctilvely different days. It was quite a sight!

Another fun part of the day was that we made many bridge passages today. I think it was 5 in all. Some were nice and tall at 65', some needed to be raised for us, and some we were able to squeeze under if we lowered our antennae. All these we did with the company of a new friend "Muddy Waters". She was traveling north along the same path, so she followed us along under all the bridges. It was fun to have a traveling companion! And it was fun to chat with her captain whose boating life was not too different from our own a couple of years ago.

Happy passages to you "Muddy Waters"!

In case you are wondering how Maggie is doing, here she is. She loved her time up on the flybridge with us letting her ears fly in the wind. All she needs is a little pear of sunglasses.... wouldn't that be cute!

At the end of the day we came in to Comachee Cove Marina for the night. We had a really hairy moment there. The entrance to the marina is super skinny - we swear it was 25' between the markers and we are 17' wide.  That is a skinny entrance to me! There was also a seriously ripping current and very little depth. It was like threading a needle with Parkinsons! No harm, no foul. Bruce did a great job. He was almost "waging war" up on that flybridge but he got us in with no damage. He was awesome!

So,  here we are in our slip at Comachee Cove..... see how pretty? Not a scratch!

and... last one for today... We had dinner at the little marina restaurant and couldn't resist taking this shot of the prettiest boat in the marina right from our table....

(if you cant pick us out, well... shame on  you!)