Last training and details

Here it is May 1st and over the last 2 weeks we have been magnificantly trained by Gregg Gandy. We have enjoyed ourselves and learned more things than we ever thought possible. His patience with us was endless and he was SO encouraging every moment. Even when sometimes we just were not "getting it".  Thank you so much Gregg! We owe you a debt of gratitude. You are a wonderful teacher.

But, being ever so careful (and maybe a little paranoid), we are still undergoing a bit more training with Chris and Alyse Caldwell for the next 2 days just to be safe. They will review all the things we have learned and test us a bit to make sure we feel comfortable with all the things we need to know.

Here are some picures of just some of the many things we did those 2 days.

First we started in the engine room. We reviewed all the things we need to know and made our daily checks before going out.

This shot was just too funny to miss. We were told everything was just fine back there. we didn't ask!

Bruce at the flybridge helm pulling us out of the marina for the day. And what a day it was!

Here we got a little training on bridges. 3 bridges at once, that's SOME way to learn!

Just a quick HI from Alyse and I.....

And, finally, here is how our sweet little Maggie is doing. She looks like good boat dog to us. She is a happy girl.....


One last little tidbit you just have to see!

A day or two ago we filled up our diesel tanks for the first time. Check it out! Now that's a LOT of fuel!

(yes, those numbers are legit - but remember that fuel will last us a loooong time)